About us

Living Hope Family Centre is built on cultural and community spirit to offer relief to families from the stress related to community hardships due to poverty, crime, children and youth challenges and seniors isolations and loneliness.

Being situated in a low-income neighbourhood, Living Hope Family Centre is an added leg for this community to stand on. Our compassionate and understanding volunteers deliver our programs, not like a handout, but as a helping hand, thus restoring the community’s dignity. This has made our centre to have the goodwill of the community we serve.

In Black community culture, every community member is family. This is what we call the Village concept. The village concept unites the community and allows everyone who wants to access the resources of the community. This gives families the strength of knowing they are not only and look out for each other and protect each while still share what they have with each other.

We aspire to do more because the need is there. If you feel the burden of this community, why don’t you reach out and together we can make a great impact.

Call us today and we will be happy to partner with you.



Centre contact is (647) 787 9911 or email info@lhfc.wk-im.org