Seniors or elders of African descent have a history of active lives with family and community interactions all their lives.

They are actively involved in community dispute resolutions, community senior committees, school committees and places of worship committees etc. They are also surrounded by generations of relatives who engage them daily in one way or another. From offering wise counsel, storytelling, trade skills transfer to farming, these elders live a full and fruitful life.

Unfortunately, once these elders retire in Canada, away from their country of birth, they are left without much company as their kids move out and begin family lives of their own.  The weather limits them from too much outdoor activity and many retreats to a lonely indoor life.

Living Hope Family Centre has identified that these seniors/elders of African descent in Canada struggle with depression, feeling of helplessness, lack of opportunity to enjoy and participate in their rich culture of community involvement.

These seniors have worked hard throughout their lives, and when retirement comes, most of them are alone with a mental picture of what could be and do not know how to make it be.

Living Hope Family Centre understands the culture, history and the needs of these demographic populations in Canada. We offer them the experience without leaving Canada.

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