Getting Involved

Get in involved in your community. The greatest satisfaction in life is when you give without expecting anything in return.

When you are helping, it means you are fortunate enough to being to help rather than wait for assistance.

One hour, One Dollar, One Meal, One Person, they all make a difference to those who feel like life can never be better.

Be the difference today.... volunteer or give.

It is good to learn to care for your community while young. You are looking to complete community volunteer hours for your credits, why not Living Hope Family Centre?

At Living Hope Family Centre High School students can complete their community service hours.

Your ideas, talents and gifts will be utilised and recognized. You will feel and make a difference.

Join us today and write a new chapter in life ..... somebody needs your help today


As we grow in serving our community, vacancies will open up for paid full time and part time positions.

When these positions open up, priority will be given to those already volunteering.

We encourage those interested in work for a community driven organization to consider volunteering first.

Today maybe your day, don’t hesistate.


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