You are a seed today.... a mighty tree tomorrow


  • Meaningful youth engagement at personal, family,community levels with high risk and marginalized youth.
  • Identify and develop talents
  • Pair youth with mentors to build confidence
  • Improve communication to prepare the youth for interviews and public speaking

The youth are the bearers of a better tomorrow and future generations. The investments we invest in them today will format the future of our society.

Therefore:we strive to be the shoulder that gives them the strength to stand as their grow in strength and wisdom.

Renew hope and inner strength that with hardwork and belief in oneself, great heights can be achieved.

Provide educational designed programs that will activate and stimulate their minds.

You are a seed........
That may be in the ground covered by the soil
Suffocated by shrubs of despair
But dew will wet the ground and soften the earth
And the sun will warm the heart of the seed

With a determined thrust you will sprout
Bend your face that the wind may roll over your back
Widen your shoulder to bear the hail that may blow
With a determined stride choose to be strong

Look up the sky and allow your heart to believe
Today you are a seed.......tomorrow a mighty baobab tree
That soon will create a shade and deep roots for water
To water many seeds that will be planted tomorrow
That under your wing will sprout and join the mighty baobab trees

You are a seed..........

by J.Kimando



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