Living Hope Family Centre serves all humanity with compassion and without discrimination.

We are a Community based organization geared to providing relief to our community and especially to the black people in the areas of parental stress relief, after-school programs, Seniors of African descent programs, health programs, nutrition programs and other community programs that enhance the quality of living.

Living Hope Family Centre has identified disparities in Black families, their youth and their children, where supports systems and opportunities are concerned.

With low-income black families, their Children and the Youth have the high rate of dropping out school. This is due to Parents trying to work several jobs, minimum wages jobs, and the children are left by themselves after school. This exposes them to crime and abuse with no foreseeable support to anchor them to the road to success.

Living Hope Family Centre, tries in some ways to reach as many parents, children, youth and grandparents as we can.  We identify the cultural needs and physical needs of our community and create a village model of support system.